Expert, scalable software engineering services

Waverley partners with you to build software with confidence that few can match. Whether you’re looking to augment in-house development or outsource a complete dedicated team to create your product or service from scratch, we can help.


We want to share your vision. If the conversation starts there, our partnership will be deeper, our designs cleaner, and the impact of your product greater, on the market and on your business.


You’re trusting us with critical work. We give you total access to your team with the oversight and support you require, from early wireframes to working releases, Agile sprint after Agile sprint.


What will it cost and what will it return on your investment? Value goes beyond a competitive hourly rate. We tap our 23 years’ experience and market knowledge at every stage of your project.

Deep and diversified domain experience

iOS + Android  •  Mobile web cross-platform  •  Mac and Windows  •  Social networking apps  •  Workforce management systems  •  Virtual product brochures and e-commerce  •  Branding apps and in-store kiosks  •  Location-based services  •  On-line and off-line mapping  •  In-dash vehicle systems  •  Decision support apps  •  Big data and analytics  •  Embedded and real-time operating systems  •  Route sales and goods tracking applications  •  Cloud-based applications  •  Five 9s enterprise server solutions  •  Business Intelligence  •  Supply-chain-synchronized POS applications  •  Teleconferencing apps  •  Wearables  •  Social robots

At Waverley Software I’ve known the CEO since he was personally developing apps for Newton… a true veteran of the mobile industry. Unlike any other outsourcing company I’ve encountered in my 22-year career, Waverley delivers high-quality code that is actually supportable and expandable.”
— Maurice Sharp, Mobile Engineering Manager at Fan TV, author of “Learning iOS Development” from Addison-Wesley